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A Sri Lankan Ayurvedic ACNE Cream for Better Results

Acne occurs due to blocked hair follicles from the oily secretion of sebaceous glands in the skin.     Everyone is supposed to face this effect even at one time in his or her life. It is a most common cause for adolescence yet 20% of acne shares with adults. This ailment is more severe with people of oily skin. It occurs in both sexes. Teenage boys are more susceptible to acne and women in the thirties are too prone to effects of acne.

Acne causes due to numerous reasons and its root cause is not found. Among those reasons, poor diet, poor hygiene and stress are important. These conditions normally aggravate the severity of the acne. During the puberty both girls and boys face the increased level of hormones condition which helps the mechanism of causing acne. Use of contraceptives may trigger acne in some sections of women.

Even though the acne outbreak cannot be prevented healing of it is in the line of conventional and alternative medicine. Conventional medicine encourages the drug therapies which inhibit the keratin and sebum production and control the growth bacteria. Alternative medicine induces reduce of inflammation and fights infection. While it inhibits the growth of bacteria, it gradually wipes out the scares too.

Since acne is more susceptible to fluctuations of the hormones in the human body and to the genetic influences, many medical practitioners believe that acne is not preventable. Good hygiene practice and sensible skin care are to the paramount importance in the adolescence to reduce the gravity of it. Meditation also helps to reduce stress levels and thereby maintain reduced hormone secretion levels.

Treatment with RANE Ayurveda Herbal Acne Cream

RANE is a unique cream which cures acne effectively. Herbs included in the cream helps to soothe the inflammation and itching. It gradually reduces the swollen area around the acne while preventing bacteria growth in the pore or around it. Continuously apply of RANE helps in wiping out the scars thatoccurs after healing the acne. One of the important characteristics of choosing an acne cream is, cream is to be water based. RANE is also a water based cream.




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