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Colour of Beautification

It is an open secret that boys as well as girls who are adopt modern day lifestyles of ambitious in wining, put weight on beauty culture. That is understood with the temptation that boys having in fairness creams over girls. Yet, no gender is taking care about the side effects of these chemical filled fairness creams. These side effects never consider person’s gender or income.

It is known that no one can get fairness in the long run by using fairness creams available in the market today. Consumers of these creams compelled to use them in continuous mode to keep their fairness. We do not emphasize that fairness creams with chemical components like mercury and bleaching powder will not keep you fair. They do, but you will have to pay compensation from your skin for using these creams for longer period.

Specially, there should be a high concentration of chemicals in whitening creams those are made for men. As per the texture of the men’s skin it should be as perceived. High concentration harm skin in high magnitude.Though in the area of skin where shaving is occurring is normally rough, other areas in the skin are sensitive even in the males. When you use a composition of fairness cream with chemical components that are prepared for rough skin, in other sensitive areas of the skin, you would imagine the consequences.

Reduction of the skin thickness is occurring as a result of using chemical encompasses fairness creams in a long term basis. Conforming of the skin into less hard is a another adverse effect of daily use of these creams.This encourages to germane acne and it reduces protection that normally received into the body from the skin. I.e. Protection from ultraviolet.

Imbalance of the photo-sensitiveness of the skin also affect due to this. Itchiness and blisters occur as a reaction to this. Face is the most vulnerable part to expose to sun. Other parts Usually covered by the clothes. Most of the artificial creams have active ingredients to affect the balance of the sensitivity of the skin. This makes imbalance of the photo-sensitivity of the skin. Such a skin susceptible to burning by the sunlight. Since this photo-sensitivity differs from person to person, It is very difficult to make an artificial fairness cream that is suited to all. It is suitable to mention here Natural cream like ‘NATURE FAIRNESS’ can overcome this phenomena. Therefore it is advisable to use herbal creams for fairness.

Important fact to emphasize is fairness creams will not help in permanent fairness and they need to use in regular basis by the consumers. Therefore it is safe to use herbal cream in daily basis. Otherwise you would be in a risk of embracing permanent irreversible damage to your skin by affecting the balance of photo-sensitivity in the case of using chemical encompassed artificial fairness creams.

It is wise to re-iterate if you cannot get away with fairness creams, use natural herbal products instead of artificails.




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