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1. What is Rane Nature Cures?

Rane Nature, a legally established medications producing company in Sri Lanka, created and maintain Rane Nature Cures to assist you in easy access to amazing products that Rane nature produces to overcome your various health-wise difficulties in a natural way.

2. What is RANE?

Rane Nature’s most acclaimed product is RANE. By formulation of texture it is a cream. Produce under careful observation of a Sri Lankan Ayurvedic medical practitioner who is registered under Medical council of Depatment of Ayurvada of Sri Lanka which is the regulating authority of government of Sri Lanka for Ayurvadic medicine.

3. Is RANE a registered product?

Sri Lankan Government’s regulating body for Ayurvedic products and practices; Department of Ayurveda has registered RANE as an ayurvedic product as well as the production unit that produce RANE as Rane Pharmacy. They regularly inspect the product and production unit so as to verify whether they are up to the standard and renew the license annually.

4. Is RANE totally a harmless to the human body?

Ingredients of the RANE are organically grown. Oil contents are used by the folk for more than 2000 years. Washable base is made according with the standards of British Pharmacopoeia (BP). It is totally a harmless cream. When registering under Department of Ayurvada which is the regulatory body of the Sri Lankan government, make a special concern regarding ingredients to be harmless to the general public. They request an analysis report from the Industrial Technology Institute which is a separate world recognized government institution for scientific analysis. Moreover they request certification from the company consultant ayurvedic practitioner who is separately registered under Medical council of Depatment of Ayurvada of Sri Lanka.

5. What is the mode of shipment?

Once you paid for Rane cream we ship the relevant quantity of Rane cream packs within 48 hours of payment by registered post. Before 21 days you will receive the package to your postal address.

6. Why mode of delivery is by post instead of courier service?

To reduce your total cost (cost of RANE + cost of shipping) to the minimum as possible. Receiving RANE by post cost you only 1/7 of the cost of courier service.i.e. A consumer of USA will have to pay 35$ If he chose courier service, instead he/she has to pay 5$ to receive it by post.

7. Is it reliable to receive it by post?

Rane Nature handovers the packages to deliver under the Registered post and will receive a receipt for the individual package undertaken to deliver by Postal Department which is a Sri Lankan government body. Under the Registered post Postal Department take the responsibility of the delivery of the goods to the relevant party.

8. Who should I contact regarding delivery of RANE?

You can directly contact us by our contact numbers and email address stated in the ‘Contact us’ page of this web site.


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