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Valuable hints to keep five themes of beauty by Ayurveda

When we consider the cultural ramifications of Indian centered Asian countries with related to the beauty of women, there are five themes in relevance. They are skin beauty, flesh gain beauty, age beauty, hair beauty and dental beauty.

In western culture these themes are considered in a different way, for an example hair beauty is considered better when hair is done and that is totally out of the natural facet that Ayurveda considers. Another important fact is beauty culture that Ayurveda considers in totality rejects market oriented beauty culture of the present day. As Ayurveda describes outer appearance and inner wholesome are going hand in hand but present day society used to consider that beauty culture is only for the outer appearance. This tends them to look in to skin colour and related sex appeal with exposure of it as a commercial tool.

Ayurveda perceives prettiness of the body in three aspects, namely outer, inner and secret. One who protects outer and inner beauty inadvertently protects his or her secret beauty.

Outer prettiness

What we can see through our eyes as the body is the outer prettiness which we are most caring about. Here, the shape, the texture of the skin, hair and nails are important and make special attention. Moreover the movement of parts of the body, daintiness of the walk, will often have to be made with special care. The healthiness of the body and correct behaviour day to day life is contemplated here.

It is important to have a better assessment of one’s behaviour of daily life and the development of it for the external prettiness. That directly affects it. Bowel and urination practices and momentum control etc., proper executions also relate to this beauty. These practices not only help to enhance the outer beauty but also help to keep the young looking at the old age

Inner Prettiness

Though some persons are looking pleasing in their outer appearance they are suffering from various ailments. A lot of people in countries like Sri Lanka obviously consider it is because of karmic result. Though it is easy to regulate life styles and outer appearance, It is very difficult to regulate the mental health when it is deteriorated from the right balance. It needs some cultivation of spiritual values.

This strongly helps with germination of happiness, solace, wholesomeness and positive energy inside. Lovingkindness and compassion like values are the cultivatable principles one should adopt and let go the hate, jealousy and enmity. This has enormous energy to transform one’s outer prettiness though it belongs to inner prettiness.

When we see our spiritual leaders, we can consider how they were attractive as per the historical findings.

Secret prettiness

According to Ayurveda secret prettiness means the phenomenon that joins the outer and inner prettiness. Secret prettiness is the force that makes equilibrium between outer and inner prettiness. If one wants to protect one’s appearance and it’s attractiveness that person should posses eagerness to it from inside. Moreover, he or she should have the ability to do practices need for it. According to this science which descendant from Great Rishis, one’s need of improving his or her outer prettiness can be achieved by the mere development of inner and secret prettiness.

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